2005 Artists-in-Residence

artwork of a braided river and mountains
"Threading Through the Gravel Bars, East Fork of the Toklat River," 49" x 67" x 1/2", cotton fabric and batting, cotton and synthetic threads, machine pierced and free motion quilted.

Photo by Chris Arend

Linda Beach

Threading Through the Gravel Bars, East Fork of the Toklat River

During my ten day stay in the park as Artist-In-Residence, the one element that took me by surprise was the sheer vastness of the open spaces. Walking along the gravel bars of the East Fork of the Toklat in particular, I was overwhelmed by the sight of miles and miles of multi-colored stones and water as far as the eye could see. With this quilt, I hope to share my experience of Denali as a place with an unlimited sense of space and time.

— Linda Beach, 2005

Linda Beach is a fiber artist who draws inspiration for her intricately pieced art quilts from her love of nature. Her work is in numerous private collections as well as public installations across the country. She is the recipient of several awards and has also been the Artist in Residence at Rocky Mountain, Acadia and Mesa Verde National Parks. Visit Linda Beach's website.

oil painting of a river under dark, heavy clouds
“Late June, Upstream Teklanika River” 24” x 26” oil on canvas

Kevin Muente

Late June, Upstream Teklanika River

"Late June, Upstream Teklanika River” grapples with Denali's ever changing light. My hopes are that viewers will associate the transitory nature and dramatic qualities that this landscape possesses. The point of view of this painting is from the bridge looking upstream. June 30, the day that I was there, the clouds rolled back and forth over the river bed with sun occasionally spot lighting certain areas of the landscape. The foreground of the painting is quite dark due to the fact that directly above us was a massive rain cloud ready to spill. I painted the cliff face vibrantly bathed in sunlight. Moments later the darkness of the clouds engulfed everything.

— Kevin Muente, 2005

Kevin Muente is Assistant Professor of Painting at Northern Kentucky University. He saw a change in his spirit and his artwork when he first experienced the powerful landscapes and large spaces of the western United States. He seeks to share the sense of awe he has felt in these places with others through his work. Visit Kevin Muente's website.

oil painting of mountains and tundra
“Mount Eielson” 16” x 48” oil on canvas

Rod Weagant

Mount Eielson

My philosophy about painting is quite simple. I just stand before the world and report what I see and feel, so my paintings are not objects but a record of my attempts at understanding. The life of a painter is an eternal journey of discovery. I am constantly challenged and often discouraged - but never bored.

About "Mount Eielson” — I was returning from Kantishna at about 11PM when the low sun angle created striking shadow patterns on Mount Eielson. I made a quick oil study and from that developed the larger piece in the studio.

— Rod Weagant, 2005

Rod Weagant is a plein air, or “on location” landscape painter, who has spent the last 25 years trying to communicate the wonder and emotions he feels when surrounded by the natural world. He travels the Yukon, Alaska and the western United States painting and conducting workshops. He has had over 30 one-man exhibitions and has participated in numerous group shows.

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