SRO Update for April 7, 2017

April 07, 2017 Posted by: Riley Tingue, Road Crew Supervisor
Plow Crew Locations: The crew is currently at mile 47. The snow has been consistent and there was a small slide at Mile 43 as the climbed up from the East Fork Bridge. This slide is not uncommon. There was a decent amount of ice at the East Fork cabin but it was soft and removed without a great struggle. We hope to make it to Toklat by the 11th so the West B&U crew can move directly in without delay.

a machine plowing uphill through deep snowAbove: The dozer pushes off snow at Mile 43.5.  NPS Photo / Michael Merrick

Steam Crew Locations: Miles 4,5,7,16,22,34, & 41. The warmer temps from last night keept most of the culverts open and made for an easier day for the steam crew.

Snow Depths: 3' on average, deepest encountered was 5' feet in the ditch

Aufeis Depths: Up to 4 feet at East Fork Cabin

Road Open to Public Traffic: Savage River, Mile 15

Equipment Status: All is doing well. A big thanks to the Auto Shop for keeping us up and running.

Current Weather Forecast

Current Weather at HQ: 46 above

Wildlife Sightings: Caribou, Golden Eagles, Squirrels (both kinds) and more birds.

Notes/Observations/Comments: Machinery will soon be removing the ice on the road between Savage and Tek in preparations for public traffic. For hikers or cyclists: The road has areas of mud and ice and of course, dust. The more traffic the road gets the longer it takes to dry out. There is a few soft spots forming in Igloo Forest. Thanks and have a great weekend.

a snow covered mountain with a snow-covered road along its flank
Snow slide in the distance at Mile 43.5. NPS Photo / Paul Franke

Last updated: April 7, 2017

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