SRO Update for April 3, 2018

April 03, 2018 Posted by: Riley Tingue, Road Crew Supervisor
Current Plow Crew Work Locations: Starting up Tattler grade. Crews were able to use the rotary snow blower through the entirety of Igloo Forest which will pay off in large dividends throughout the spring and summer. Since the road in Igloo Forest is the lowest point of the terrain it acts as the stream bed for the surrounding area during runoff. By not having to "stuff" the snow into the trees off the edge of the road, we stand a much better chance of mitigating soft spots in the road caused by saturation followed by vehicle traffic.

Steam Crew Locations: No ice and its a good thing since the steam boiler is kaput for the season.

Snow Depths: 2 feet across the road and 6 foot drifts

Aufeis Depths: 0, but an inch and a half of ice lens over the road in Igloo Canyon

Road Open to Public Traffic: Mountain Vista

Equipment Status: The six-way plow has been fixed and just made its way back to the crews. Thank you Auto Shop. The steam boiler is down with a leaking internal coil. This is a big repair and will have to specialists outside the park unfortunately. It will be fixed sometime this summer.

Current Weather Forecast

Current Weather at HQ: 25 above with a light breeze.

Wildlife Sightings: Two cow moose at mile 19

Last updated: April 3, 2018

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