SRO Update for April 3, 2017

April 03, 2017 Posted by: Riley Tingue, Road Crew Supervisor
Current Plow Crew Work Locations: The crew is currently at Mile 41. Since the last report, there have been several areas of heavy ice on the road and in the ditches. Both NPS mushing teams made it out and now we are trying to do an initial plow to Toklat as fast and safely as we can. The warm weather did not have the same effect (i.e., flooding) as it did in May of 2013 and that was welcomed. The snow is getting wetter with the weather and that does slow us down as the weight increases.

Steam Crew Locations: All of it. Can't hardly pass a mile without needing steam, but the crews are doing an outstanding job keeping up.

a woman in an orange safety vest and winter clothing surrounded by steamPart of the steam crew team hard at work opening frozen culverts, so that meltwater doesn't flow across and damage the road surface. NPS Photo / Stacey Skrivanek

Snow Depths: 3'-4' average. Deepest encountered was 7' feet in the ditch.

Aufeis Depths: Up to 6 feet in at Mile 40.5. Several other areas were up to 4 and 5 feet in Igloo Canyon.

Road Open to Public Traffic: Mountain Vista

Equipment Status: All is doing well. A big thanks to the Auto Shop for keeping us up and running and a very big thanks to Tom Wapple for getting our steam boiler back from the dead before he headed off on his well deserved holiday.

Current Weather Forecast: Summer apparently.

Current Weather at HQ: 36 above and BBQ weather

Wildlife Sightings: Moose and birds. Somewhere along the road.

Notes/Observations/Comments: Machinery will be removing the ice on the road at Mile 14 and other areas on the pavement soon. We are making preparations for warmer-than-average temps and potential flooding for the next week.

Some have asked when the road will be open to Tek and at this point it is hard to tell. The weather is warm but there is still areas in Hogan and Sanctuary that are on the fringe of going the wrong way. Should the water flow in the creek beds we might be able to open in a few weeks. If the water decides the road is the creek bed ... it could be a little longer. Thanks, and I will have another update in a few days.

two men stand on a road surrounded by large piles of plowed snow, near a piece of heavy machineryWill Chesley and Michael Merrick examine the road after removing 6 feet of ice from Mile 40.5. NPS Photo / Chris Perkins

Last updated: April 3, 2017

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