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June 27, 2016 Posted by: Maureen Gualtieri



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The Walter Harper Talkeetna Ranger Station also maintains a daily automated statistics phone line, so if this blog is lagging behind and you need up-to-date registration numbers, call (907) 733-9127. 

Weather Report

7,200 feet -  A thin fog blanketed basecamp this morning, which is an improvement over the heavy blanket of fog in place last night.  Skies were obscured, wind was calm with gusts to 6 mph from the northwest. There was no real accumulation to speak of, but at 8 am this morning Sarah reported a light snow/rain fall.

In the last 12 hours:
Current temp:  2 C / 36 F
Low temp:  1 C / 34 F
High temp:  2 C / 36 F

14,200 feet -  Scattered clouds today, an improvement over last night's whiteout.  Wind this morning was 3 mph out of the east, with wind gusts to 11 mph from the north. No new snow in the last 24 hours, but camp did get about 5 cm of snow over the weekend.

In the last 12 hours:
Current temp:  -13 C / 9 F
Low temp:  -14 C / 7 F
High temp:  -11 C / 10 F


FAA Kahiltna Glacier webcam 

National Weather Service forecast

Ranger Update

NPS Denali Patrol #5 (Gentzel, 3 VIPs)  Coley and crew are currently camped at 17,200 feet, having moved up yesterday. They expect to stay at high camp through July 1.

NPS Denali Patrol #6 (Weber, Preston, 4 VIPs)  The team has been busy the last couple days with a HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema) patient at 14 camp. Due to unflyable weather, they provided almost 24 hours of care, including 10 hyperbaric bag treatments, IV fluids, medications, etc. Today's weather was more conducive to an evacuation, which occurred around mid-day today (June 27). 

NPS Basecamp Patrol #5 (Erickson, 2 VIPs)  The Little Switzerland recon and cleanup patrol is back in Talkeetna after a success patrol. The Pika Glacier is a popular spot this time of the year, with several teams climbing there last week. (See conditions report below.)

Route Conditions

Although basecamp temperatures have not reached the freezing point in about five days, the conditions are not as soft and mushy as they could be. Moving around basecamp, Sarah reports ankle-deep sinking, but not too much post-holing. There are about 25 people in camp waiting for a flight out.

Denali's upper mountain conditions are 'mellow and enjoyable', per Dave Weber.  Some intermittent bursts of snow have freshened up the route. Teams are moving on schedule.

And Chris Erickson reports that the Pika Glacier is in great shape - firm for travel yet soft for camping. 

Bergschrunds to the major climbs are easily crossed and rockfall near routes is (so far) minimal.  Much snow fell on the upper slopes of the Pika peaks during the 6/18-19 snowstorm (Storm Genet) and has been slowly melting, though many teams reported wet or snowy conditions on "The Lost Marsupial" on The Throne and "The South Face" of Middle Troll.

(Stayed tuned for more description and photos of the patrol in the days to come)

Photo(s) of the Day

Medic peaks into the hyperbaric bag to check on a patient
A Day in the Life of a HACE Patient.  VIP Menno Boermans checks the patient's SP02 and heart rate during the first of many hyperbaric bag treatment sessions at the 14,200-foot camp. The hyperbaric chamber inflates with the patient inside, with the resulting pressure simulating a lower elevation. (NPS Photo/Shane Treat)

Ranger/medic places an IV in a patient's arm
Ranger-medic Dave Weber places an IV line to replenish the dehydrated patient's fluid levels and to provide IV medications. (NPS Photo/Shane Treat)
Patient is hooked up to life-saving oxygen
And of course, the life-saving supplemental oxygen. (NPS Photo/Shane Treat)

Last updated: August 18, 2016

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