Research Permits

Any individual who has qualifications and experience to conduct scientific studies and represents a reputable scientific or educational institution or a federal, tribal, or state agency may request use of the facilities at the Crater Lake Science and Learning Center. A Scientific Research and Collecting Permit is required at Crater Lake for most scientific activities pertaining to natural resources or social science studies in National Park System areas that involve fieldwork, specimen collection, and/or have the potential to disturb resources or visitors. Permits are also required for scientific activities pertaining solely to cultural resources, including archeology, ethnography, history, cultural museum objects, cultural landscapes, and historic and prehistoric structures. Research scientists must obtain approval on all required permits in order to gain access to Science and Learning Center facilities. An individual may obtain application materials via the National Park Service Research Permit and Reporting System or by contacting the park.

Applications for Research and Collecting Permits must include a research proposal. Each proposal will be reviewed for compliance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements and other laws, regulations, and policies.

The superintendent may also require internal and/or external scientific review, depending on the complexity and sensitivity of the work being proposed and other factors. The superintendent makes a decision to approve a research and collecting permit on an assessment of perceived risks and benefits. While park managers will work with applicants to arrive at a mutually acceptable research design, there may be activities where no acceptable mitigating measures are possible and the application may be denied.

Once an applicant has obtained the required permits they may contact the Crater Lake Science and Learning center to reserve facilities.


Last updated: March 31, 2012

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