Stamp Your Passport Book

Passport to Your National Parks Book
Commemorate your park experience by adding a Crater Lake date stamp to your Passport To Your National Parks® book! Since 1986, Passport fans have enjoyed collecting cancellation stamps from nearly every one of the 400+ National Park Service units.

Passport books can be purchased onsite in most parks, or online before your trip, from vendors such as the Crater Lake Natural History Association.
Crater Lake Passport Stamp with Date Filled In
Crater Lake's stamp is available at the Steel Information Center, located at Park Headquarters and open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you arrive after hours or forget to bring your Passport book, you can print a stamp from home or contact us to request a stamped piece of paper through the mail.
Crater Lake Passport Stamp with Blank Date
To print a stamp for your Passport book:

1) Click on the Crater Lake stamp on this page, which will open an identical-looking image that is sized to print at 1.2 inches in diameter.
2) Right-click to save that image.
3) Print it. If it doesn't print at the correct size (the size might depend on your printer and software settings), try inserting it into a Microsoft Word or other word processing document.
4) Fill in the date that you visited.
5) Use scissors to cut the stamp out.
6) Paste or tape it into your Passport book.

Last updated: May 13, 2024

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