Picnic Areas

A picnic table under a diverse forest with dappled light, a vault toilet and trash recpticle.
Goodbye Picnic Area is among a forest of Lodgepole pines, Shasta red firs, and mountain hemlocks. Songbirds, woodpeckers, and squirrels compete with the sound of Goodbye Creek and even then, there is a unique forest silence.

NPS Photo/ Mimi Gorman

More Than a Picnic

The areas described below are nestled in diverse ecosystems ranging in elevation from 4400 feet to 7100.These are places to discover wildflowers and trees, see the affects of weather events, or view aspects of the park's geology. Regardless of where you stop, there is quiet under the trees, and respite from the drive.

Some animals beg, steal, and pretend to be cute and friendly. It is important that food is never left unattended. A Canada jay, raven or golden-mantled ground squirrel (amongst others) may abscound with it faster than you can take a bite.

Descriptions of all picnic areas is under develpement and will be added soon. However, a map with all picnic areas and other waypoints is found on the map page under Park Maps.

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      Last updated: July 12, 2022

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