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Scientists and resource managers have conducted studies at Crater Lake National Park in some capacity since the early 1900’s. The information from these studies helps to guide management decisions that protect and preserve the park’s natural and cultural resources. Studies range from short-term projects that occur in a single season, to long-term monitoring that span decades. The park relies on teamwork from seasonal and full-time staff, along with researchers from other agencies and non-government organizations, like college universities.

Explore the links below to learn more about research and monitoring at Crater Lake National Park.

Lake research boat on Crater Lake
Protecting Crater Lake

A long-term limnological monitoring program (LTLMP) serves to preserve, and protect the health and of Crater Lake.

Park researcher applying bark beetle repellent to a pine tree.
Terrestrial Plants and Animals

Learn how botanists protect and restore native vegetation, and how biologists monitor movements and health of wildlife. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Researcher holding a bull trout.
Bull Trout Recovery

Learn how researchers work to protect stream habitats and restore the park's only native fish. PAGES UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Doing Science in the Park

Scientists interested in doing research in the park must have a research permit. Visit the links below to learn more about research permits, park facilities, and staff contacts.

Part staff and researchers collecting water samples on a research boat.
Research Permits

Learn how to apply for a permit to conduct research in the park and what is required before, during, and after the study is complete.

Picture of staff at Crater Lake National Park
Staff Contacts

If you are interested in conducting research at Crater Lake, the park offers a dedicated staff in Natural Resources. PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Screenshot of Crater Lake's Science and Learning Center page
Science and Learning Center

Crater Lake's Science and Learning Center provides the intersection between educators, scientists, and artists.


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