Science & Research

Learn about scientific research and environmental monitoring at Crater Lake National Park. Active environmental monitoring activities include:

Crater Lake Science and Learning Center
The Science & Learning Center is located at the former Superintendents Residence near park headquarters.


Science and Learning Center

The Crater Lake Science and Learning Center provides the intersection between educators, scientists, and artists. The Center is housed in the former Superintendents House with a separate residential facility in the former Naturalists residence.

Bull trout in net
Bull Trout captured for study in Sun Creek, Crater Lake National Park.


Bull Trout Conservation and Recovery

R/V Neuston at work on the lake.
The research vessel Neuston on Crater Lake.


Environmental Monitoring of Crater Lake

The Signal Crayfish of Crater Lake
Learn about crayfish and how they are negatively affecting the Crater Lake ecosystem.


Impacts of introduced, non-native crayfish on the Crater Lake ecosystem.

Mazama and Oregon Newt
Mazama Newt captured from Crater Lake.


Mazama Newt monitoring in Crater Lake

Last updated: September 4, 2020

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