Bull Trout Restoration Efforts 1992 - 2010

Bull Trout restoration efforts at Crater Lake began in 1992, and as of 2013 fisheries biologists have;

  • increased the bull trout population from as few as 200 individuals to as many as 6000 individuals,
  • eradicated brook trout from Sun Creek inside Crater Lake National Park and Sun Pass State Forrest (Oregon),
  • and, installed three fish passage barriers to keep brook trout from returning to Sun Creek.
Refer to this page to see a description of restoration projects for 2010-2013.

The threats to Bull Trout survival include:

bull trout restoration results
Map of Bull Trout restoration efforts on Sun Creek from 1992 - 2010.


Project Area: Sun Creek

  • 72-km2 watershed in southern Oregon Cascades
  • Ownership and land use: Crater Lake National Park, Sun Pass State Forest (Oregon), private cattle ranches
  • Historically connected with Wood River Fish Community
  • Only extant bull trout population within Crater Lake National Park and one of only two populations remaining in the Wood River Valley
  • Bull trout historically occupied entire stream downstream of headwater falls
  • Nonnative trout stocked throughout the stream as early as 1912
  • Bull trout distribution severely truncated in sympatry with Brook Trout and Brown Trout
  • Objectives:
  • Eradicate nonnatives and monitor Bull Trout response
  • Methods:
  • Artificial barriers installed to exclude nonnatives.
  • Electrofishing removal, multiple piscicide treatments, total effort in field > 2000 person days.
  • Results:
  • No Brook Trout in upper watershed since 2005.
  • Bull trout have expanded distribution and increased in abundance following removal of nonnatives.

Last updated: March 17, 2016

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