Crater Lake bathymetry

Image of the bathymetry of Crater Lake.
Rendering of the Crater Lake bottom contours using multibeam sonar.

US Geological Survey

This map and animation show the bottom of Crater Lake.

Further information about Crater Lake bathymetry can be found at this website, "2000 Multibeam sonar survey of Crater Lake, Oregon - Data, GIS, images, and movies".

Side perspective of Crater Lake bathymetry
Side perspective of the Crater Lake bathymetry map.

US Geological Survey

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"Fly-by of shaded-relief bathymetry and surrounding mountains of Crater Lake Oregon. The colored region is the lake floor whereas the gray region shows the surrounding mountains. The lake is approximately 9-km wide east to west. The flight approaches from the south, flies around the lake floor in a clockwise direction, passes over Wizard Island, Merriam Cone, the deep East Basin, the Central Platform, and Rhyodacite Dome." From


Last updated: February 28, 2015

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