Cub/Brownie Scout Test

Cub Scout Test

The first set of questions can be answered from the listening stations, exhibits, and interpretive panels throughout the Visitor Center. The second half of this test can be answered on the interpretive trail behind the Visitor Center. Please be sure to read over the questions before attempting to complete the test. Good luck!

Museum Section

1. Which side offered to halt taxes if you were to join their side in the Revolutionary War? ___________________________

2. True or False. The Battle of Cowpens currently has two commissioned ships named in its honor on active duty.

3. Where was British soldier William Lawrence when the Battle of Cowpens began? _______________________________

4. How many rifle and musket balls are in the Patriot Army exhibit? ____________________________________________

5. True or False. The "wormer" is used to remove worms from the cannon after overnight travel.

6. Name two pieces in the British Army exhibit that were used by a doctor. ______________________ _______________________

7. In the museum, there is a three-pound cannon ball that is believed to have been fired at the Battle of Cowpens. Write down the name of the person who loaned it to the park. ___________________ ____________________

8. True or False. There are toys in the drawers under the battlefield mural that you can play with.

9. Listen to the wand in the lobby that is next to the picture of a woman carrying a basket. What is the loyalist narrator's last statement?

Battlefield Trail Section

1. What were the standard issue weapons for the cavalry or dragoons at the Battle of Cowpens? ___________________ and ____________________

2. True or False. The British broke ranks and rushed forward because the Continentals wer out of ammunition.

3. How did the sharpshooters contribute to the victory at Cowpens?

4. List three tactical advantages General Morgan exploited at the Battle of Cowpens.

5. Who was in command of the Continental Army at Cowpens?

6. True or False. The British Legion was made up of British citizens who came to America in support of the King.

7. When was the Washington Light Infantry Monument erected?

8. Who won the "Race for the Grasshopper"?

9. Name the states that the soldiers in Morgan's flying army came from.

10. What time did the British arrive at the battlefield?

Extra Credit Question

How did Benson Lossing locate the Cowpens battlefield in 1849?

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