Portrait of Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan

At the Battle of Cowpens, Daniel Morgan cemented his legacy as a highly effective military leader.

Illustration of Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton in military uniform standing on cannon
Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton

After earning a reputation for brutality by patriot forces, Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton was defeated at the Battle of Cowpens.

Portrait of John Eager Howard
John Eager Howard

John Eager Howard's leadership at the Battle of Cowpens added to his reputation as a competent military officer.

Portrait of William Washington
William Washington

William Washington competently led cavalry to defeat Banastre Tarleton's forces at the Battle of Cowpens.

Black and white painting of Andrew Pickens
Andrew Pickens

Andrew Pickens was a legendary militia leader in his own time.

Oil painting portrait of Alexander Chesney seated in the foreground.
Alexander Chesney

Alexander Chesney served as a Captain in a Loyalist militia unit at the Battle of Cowpens.

Thomas Young's tombstone
Thomas Young

Discover the life of patriot soldier, Thomas Young.


Last updated: September 8, 2023

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