Battle Detail

Dry Wood Creek

Other Name:
Big Dry Wood Creek, Battle of the Mules
Operations to Constrol Missouri
June-October 1861
Principal Commanders:
James Lane [US] Sterling Price [CS]
Forces Engaged:
6600 total (US 600; CS 6000;)
Estimated Casualties:
14 total (US 14; CS 0;)
Col. J.H. Lane's cavalry, comprising about 600 men, set out from Fort Scott to learn the whereabouts of a rumored Confederate force. They encountered a Confederate force, about 6,000-strong, near Big Dry Wood Creek. The Union cavalry surprised the Confederates, but their numerical superiority soon determined the encounter's outcome. They forced the Union cavalry to retire and captured their mules, and the Confederates continued on towards Lexington. The Confederates were forcing the Federals to abandon southwestern Missouri and to concentrate on holding the Missouri Valley.
Confederate Victory
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