Former home of Dr. Grafton Tyler

Historical black and white image of a standing Dr. Grafton Tyler.
Historical image of confederate sympathizer, Dr. Grafton Tyler.

Image from the book "A Portrait of Old George Town by Grace Dunlop Peter


Reference address: 1300 30th St NW, Washington, DC 20007
Walking address: While still on 30th St, look across at the building on 1300 30th St.

This was the home of another Southern sympathizer, Dr. Grafton Tyler. He was so aghast at the sight of the flag flying over the seminary across the street that he slammed his shutters closed and kept them boarded throughout the remainder of the war, including the dog days of summer.

Dr. Taylor was physician to many of the town's most notable "secesh" including Miss English and the cousin of Mrs. Robert E. Lee. Dr. Taylor's wife had a brother, Walter Bowie, who was a notorious guerilla and spy. Bowie was captured and sent to the Capitol prison to await death by hanging. Mrs. Taylor paid him a visit in jail. As she kissed him goodbye, she slipped a note hidden in her mouth into his mouth. It told him that she had bribed a guard. That night he was able to escape.

When Richmond was captured in April of 1865, a newspaperman from the Evening Star was reporting on the festivities around Georgetown. He recorded the following about Dr. Taylor's house:

"The house appeared unusually dark with all its windows and doors tightly shut. Upon suspicion it was because of sympathy for the rebel cause, soldiers in the vicinity of the Seminary Hospital and the young men living near there became excited and put the house in mourning, hanging crepe on the knobs. Then they illuminated around the door with candles and put up national colors around the doors and Serenaded the house with national songs."

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