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The Southeast Arizona Group of National Park Sites (Chiricahua National Monument, Coronado National Memorial, and Fort Bowie National Historic Site) strongly encourages and welcomes the participation of academic and independent scientists in the park science program.

Research Application Process

Persons can apply for a Research Permit through the NPS Research Permit and Reporting System website. This is done by selecting “Submit applications for research permits” and following the instructions on the screen. The application form can be filled out and submitted electronically from the website. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the instruction set and general guidelines posted on the website prior to completing the Application Form (see “Application FAQs” and “Permit FAQs”).

We suggest that you contact us prior to submitting your application. The best way to do so is by email. We will help you with the process and send you a packet of information and paperwork to include with your application.

Proposals for research are reviewed by our Integrated Science and Resource Management Team. We will consider all proposals, with special consideration to those topics that are in alignment with park goals and research.

Persons wishing to familiarize themselves with recent research and resources management projects in the park are encouraged to visit the NPS Research Permit and Reporting System website and examine the archive of Investigator's Annual Reports.

We look forward to working with you.

Southeast Arizona Group of NPS Sites
General and Special Research Topics:

Geologic/Hydrologic Dynamics

  • landscape erosion/failure
  • vulnerability of geologic/paleontological resources
  • geomorphological studies
  • soil chemistry and character
  • hydrology/watersheds
  • spring assessment and rejuvenation
  • cave/abandoned mines management and wildlife habitat study

Ecosystems/Habitat Management

  • vegetation change (forest, agave, grasslands, etc.)
  • habitat study and resiliency (tree/beetle kill studies, T&E species habitat, exotic plant study and mitigation, etc.)
  • fire effects
  • pollinator studies (wildlife and insects)
  • soundscape
  • viewshed
  • wilderness character
  • phenology studies

Nonrenewable Resources

  • human behavioral ecology (settlement and subsistence patterns)
  • ethnographic/oral histories (Chiricahua Apache, historic uses, etc.)
  • historic fabric and character studies and restoration
  • paleontological resources inventory and assessments
  • data recovery/excavation of vulnerable archaeological sites
  • early agricultural practices

Climate Change Research/Atmospheric Monitoring

  • air quality
  • cave microclimate monitoring
  • paleoclimate and paleoecological proxy studies
  • T&E and other Sensitive species vulnerability studies (habitat/climate dynamics)

Human Use Impacts

  • trails/cave use
  • road/border fence related impacts

Last updated: May 3, 2017

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