Bragg, Rosecrans, Thomas
Generals Bragg, Rosecrans, and Thomas



More than 100,000 men fought at Chickamauga and Chatanooga in the fall of 1863. Each one of these men represented the hopes and dreams of the nations they endeavored to establish or preserve. Some, like Braxton Bragg and James Deshler, were veterans of the prewar U.S. Army, and now fought against the very flag they once served under. Others, like Hans Heg, were immigrants who fought and died in the name of freedom for all in their adoptive country. Southern Unionists like George Thomas demonstrated that loyalty to the United States ran deeper than geography, and thousands of enlisted men like Sam Watkins fought for countless personal reasons. William Rosecrans commanded the Union Army at Chickamauga, but later moved to California and became a prominent politician. Learn more about these individuals who fought at Chickamuaga and Chattanooga, or perhaps discover your own personal connection to the battle.

Last updated: July 19, 2016

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