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These activities were created for our Virtual Junior Ranger Day event, posted live on our Facebook on April 18, 2020. But, you can still continue the fun any day!

Movement Activities

Check out this video on Youtube to Move like a Ranger

Learn about how our animal neighbors get from place to place: Move like a Chesapeake Bay animal activity

Zumba for Kids (en español y ingles)

Dance with us! Video on Vimeo

All about Chesapeake Bay Animals

Learn about Cheapeake Bay animals with the Chesapeake Bay Program field guide, then watch a feeding at the Annapolis Maritime Museum

How to Draw a Bird

Video on YouTube

Coloring pages by Erica Doo - Cardinal / Oriole - Please post your finished pictures to our Facebook page.

Birds of the Chesapeake

It is finally Spring!
Practice your birdwatching skills with Chesapeake Conservancy webcams from your window or outdoors.

Make DIY Binoculars with the Alice Ferguson Foundation.

Facebook video / Lesson plans

Attend a free online class on how to identify birds for kids lead by Cornell Lab.

DIY Bird Feeder

Follow along as our education assistant, Rachel, teaches you to make a bird feeder.
Video on YouTube

Outdoor Activities

After you make your feeder, take it outside, and complete one of the activities below!

Nature Bingo

Colors of Nature Challenge (for young learners)

TwitterChat with @ChesapeakeNPS

We're always here to help! Ask National Park Service rangers your questions and learn about their jobs in our country's most special places! Head over to Twitter for this activity.

What is your role in the watershed?

It’s important to understand how we each affect the waters that run into the Chesapeake Bay. Check out this video for more info on our role in the watershed!

Living Sustainably

Join the Watch Party on Facebook for lessons on living sustainably from the Virginia Living Museum.

Taking Care of the Chesapeake

Your promise as a Junior Ranger is to protect the environment. We challenge you to be a Chesapeake Bay steward! Print out this board game to play.

Find Your Chesapeake Nature Activities

Draw your favorite nature space and post what you draw to our Facebook page!

Check out the hundreds of places you could go throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed on Tag your favorite place in the watershed on Facebook to send them some love!

Continue exploring Find Your Chesapeake by participating in our scavenger hunt!

  • Follow these directions and your first clue to find your next!
    • Explore our website,, to learn about some of the special
      places in our Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Complete this scavenger hunt to show your
      Chesapeake navigation skills.
    • First, click on “Places to Go” to find the list. Read the clues below to figure out each place. The
      bolded words will help you choose options from the dropdown box to narrow your search. Then,
      click on the place page to make a virtual visit. If you see a passport stamp, that means you are
      correct! Are you up to the challenge?
    • Here is your 1st clue!
      • Do you know how we learn about people who lived so long ago? Researchers dig up all
        kinds of cool things about the past. Find this museum and archeological center in the
        northernmost state in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, New York. Here you can find out
        about American Indian heritage, and even go back as far as humans in the Ice Age!

Watershed Wind Down

Meditate with Mother Nature and the Potomac River Conservancy.

Meditate with sounds of National Parks.

Listen to a story read by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Thank you for joining us! Complete your Chesapeake Bay Junior Ranger Activity book and send us a picture! Email our secure email at e-mail us with your information, and we will mail you a badge when we’re back on site!


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Last updated: August 25, 2020

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