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President's Park War of 1812 Teacher Workshop

The President's Park, a unit of the National Park Service, will host a 5-day teacher workshop from August 5 to August 9, 2013, at the White House Visitor Center to introduce educators to the War of 1812. The program also includes some day trips to different historic sites impacted by the War of 1812. One of our goals of the workshop is to show educators how they can tie this topic into the current core standards that already exist at the high school, middle school and elementary levels. At the completion of the teacher workshop teachers will be able to sign-up to participate in the international educational program where students from the United States and Belgium would produce video's, apps and other materials based on their interpretation of the War of 1812 as it impacted not only their countries but also the communities that they live in. The classes would then meet to exchange video presentations and have a discussion about the war via teleconferencing, Skype or some other media. In some cases students will be able debate about the war and the impacts that still linger in today's society.

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