The Chesapeake Bay Office of the National Park Service, alongside our principle not-for-profit partner organization the Chesapeake Conservancy, works to restore and protect the Bay and its natural and cultural resources. We encourage your support of these key partners in our work to enhance appreciation and enjoyment of the Chesapeake Bay and to foster the stewardship that will protect the Bay for future generations.

The Chesapeake Conservancy

The Chesapeake Conservancy envisions a healthier Chesapeake Bay watershed where fish and wildlife thrive, and everyone enjoys healthy and abundant forests, wetlands, shorelines, and open spaces; as immortalized in Captain John Smith's voyage of exploration, a place of natural wonder, rich in cultural traditions, treasured and conserved for all.

The mission of the Conservancy is to strengthen the connection between people and the watershed, conserve the landscapes and special places that sustain the Chesapeake's unique natural and cultural resources, and restore landscapes, rivers and habitats in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Your tax-deductible donation to the Chesapeake Conservancy will help us advocate for public access to the trail and the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers, and for the conservation of the Bay’s treasured landscapes—the places that provide the natural filters and habitat so vital to the Bay’s health and that give the Chesapeake its character.

Last updated: December 16, 2015

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