From Backcountry to Breadbasket to Battlefield -- and Beyond

The Shenandoah Valley invites you to learn about its rich heritage, from Native Americans who first shaped the land, to pioneers of this frontier; this fertile area became one of the most important wheat producing regions of the entire South. The Valley also witnessed some of the most dramatic events of the Civil War,including the Battle of Cedar Creek, a decisive October 19, 1864 Union victory.

If the Valley is Lost, Virginia is Lost

Virtual Tour of the VCS

Our virtual tour features most of the exhibits that are in the Visitor Contact Station.

Battlefield APP

New Battlefield APP

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP welcomes you to explore the battlefield with this new app.

Morning Attack Trails at Cedar Creek

Morning Attack Trails at Cedar Creek

The “Morning Attack Trails” consist of three individual trails, when combined total 1.7 miles in length.

Visitor Contact Station Closed

Visitor Contact Station Closed

Due to COVID-19, to protect staff and visitors, the Visitor Contact Station is currently closed.

Virtual Ranger Programs!

Virtual Programs

These programs are free and examine the history and settlement of the Shenandoah Valley, the Battle of Cedar Creek, and its aftermath.

Image of the Heater House

Shenandoah Valley Stories

Read the many stories that tell the history of the Shenandoah Valley. Learn about the early geology, settlement, age of grain, Civil War.

Image from the Inalienable Rights program.

African American History Programs

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP offers a diverse array of programs regarding the African American experience in the Shenandoah Valley.

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