Park Management and Administration
Superintendent: Randy Bilbeisi

The superintendent's office oversees all activities related to park-wide administrative, managerial, and support functions, as well as safety and planning. In addition, our superintendent is responsible for working with external constituencies in order to develop valuable park partnerships.

Interpretation and Visitor Services
Park Ranger: Dan Kish

The interpretive division is primarily responsible for visitor services. Park rangers and guides in the interpretive division conduct activities that allow visitors to make intellectual and emotional connections to Capulin Volcano and the National Park Service. From guided hikes to night sky programs, these rangers help people from childhood through adulthood to experience and learn about the park's resources.

Resource Management
Natural Resource Manager: Zach Cartmell

Resource management at Capulin Volcano encompasses activities related to the management, preservation, and protection of the park's natural and cultural resources. Resource Management is responsible for ecosystem monitoring, restoration efforts, exotic/invasive species management, climate change response, natural resource education, and a variety of other activities regarding general resource protection.


Last updated: November 20, 2018

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