Park Policy
Revised January 14, 2021

Weddings may be permitted on the Cane River Creole National Historical Park grounds subject to all applicable park regulations. A Special Use Permit is required for your ceremony to take place in the park. Those wishing to use the park for weddings should contact the park at least 90 days in advance.

Special Use Permit Application


1. Natural and cultural resources shall not be damaged or destroyed. The area shall be left as found. Permittee is responsible for set-up and tear-down. All equipment, chairs, debris, and trash shall be removed at the close of the event.

2. Ceremonies shall be held in designated areas only. The designated area is defined as the oak allee at Oakland Plantation. Photographs may be taken in other areas of the grounds when specified in the permit.

3. Only live flowers and/or plants may be used as wedding decorations. The use of balloons, banners and live birds are prohibited. All other decorations shall be approved in advance and shall be removed by the permittee at the end of the event.

4. The use of rice or confetti is prohibited.

5. The use of any audio device (tape recorders, amplifiers, etc.) is prohibited. Only live acoustic instruments and/or live singing is permitted in keeping with the historic character of the park and its grounds. The use of drop cords for video and/or audio recording of the wedding is prohibited.

6. Normal visitation to the park shall not be hampered, hindered, or restricted in any way. The historic structures at Oakland, including the main house, are not available to the wedding party for changing clothing or other preparations. Use of the visitor parking lot for wedding guests may be permitted but requires a parking plan.

7. Receptions are prohibited.

8. Ceremonies may be held between the hours of 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM except Sunday mornings when no services will be held before noon. Evening weddings may be permitted from 4:30 PM till one hour before sunset during the summer only and when park staff is available to monitor the event. No other times will be available for weddings on the park grounds. The Park may not approve a wedding permit for a holiday weekend, or any other time that a special program or event is being held on the grounds.

9. Due to the nature of the historic site, the wedding site including guests and wedding attendants shall be limited to no more than 125 people.

10. All weddings shall be monitored by National Park personnel. The permittee shall pay administrative fees of $100.00 per wedding for the permit. Monitoring fees will also be accessed be on a case by case basis to cover staff monitoring costs for each wedding.

11. Special event/liability insurance may be required, naming the United States of America as additional insured.

12. This application must be signed and returned to the park 30 days prior to the wedding for review. If the request is approved, a SPECIAL USE PERMIT will be issued. This application is not a permit.

Safe and Hold Harmless Clause

In consideration for attaining the privileges granted herein, the permittee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the United States of America from any loss to it, including not only damages to government property and injury to government employees, but also judgments, settlements, or compromises for property damages or injury to all persons for which the United States of America may be liable, resulting from the exercise by the permittee and its party of the privileges granted herein.



Applicant Signature_________________________________________________

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Date and time of wedding____________________________________________
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Bride’s Name______________________________________________________

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Last updated: February 15, 2024

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