Cane River Creole Online Scavenger Hunt

Photos: ranger and children, script, basket, blacksmith's son, rose, historic store
Earn your online Junior Ranger badge by finding these photos!


The Junior Ranger motto is "Explore, Learn, Protect." Join this online scavenger hunt to test your exploration skills.

Search the park website to find the photos to the right .

When you locate a photo write down the page title or web address.

Once you have discovered all six photos reach out to a park ranger through email or social media or share with an adult one thing you learned.
The park Junior Ranger badge with a dotted line for cutting out.
Print and then cut along the dotted line for your virtual badge.



You have earned a virtual badge. Print it out and display it proudly! We hope that you will visit in person soon to earn our park badge.

Last updated: March 19, 2022

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