Superintendent's Directive W1: Transit to Bobby's Hole

June 20, 1997


To: All Employees, Southeast Utah Group
From: Superintendent, Southeast Utah Group
Subject: Transit to Bobby's Hole via the Park when Cathedral Butte Road is Closed Due to Inclement Weather

During the winter and spring months when the road to Beef Basin, via Cathedral Butte is closed by snow/mud, the following provisions shall be implemented for persons desiring to access Beef Basin via the park, i.e., Elephant Hill/Devils Lane/Bobby's Hole, hereafter referred to as the Transit Route:

1) Persons stating they are going to Beef Basin will not be charged a recreation fee. They must be informed, however, that their travel must be direct from the entrance station to the boundary north of Bobby's Hole, via the Transit Route. Any deviation from that route, to the confluence for instance, will require compliance with the recreation fee parameters, i.e., purchase of a recreation fee, possession of a Golden Eagle or Golden Age Passport, etc.

2) Persons with pets will be allowed to transit the Needles District by the Transit Route with their pets. Again, there can be no deviation from the Transit Route. If a stop is required to accommodate the needs of the pet, the pet cannot be out of the vehicle unless leashed and must remain on the Transit Route proper.

3) Antler hunting in Beef Basin is a popular activity for some local residents. Those persons collecting antlers south of the park may transport those antlers through the Needles District via the Transit Route. Persons stating that they are going to Beef Basin should be informed that they may well be contacted by a ranger upon their return who will check for compliance of the State regulation concerning the "Possession of Antlers and Horns." That regulation will be strictly enforced by rangers.

The above noted provisions will only be allowed during the time periods when the Cathedral Butte is impassable for normal four-wheel-drive traffic. If there is doubt as to whether that road is open, err on the side of the person desiring to access Beef Basin via the Transit Route and allow passage as per the above noted provisions.

Walter D. Dabney

Last updated: December 1, 2017

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