Lease Proposal Requirements

  1. If an interested organization is requested by NPS to submit a Program Partner lease proposal, the following information is to be submitted, subject to modification by NPS in appropriate circumstances.
  2. A transmittal letter on the organization’s letterhead identifying the lead Program Partner proponent, members of the senior (executive) staff, and board of directors with their affiliations. Include the name, title, phone numbers, and signatures of individual(s) authorized to receive official communication from and negotiate with the NPS on behalf of the organization in any discussions regarding possible tenancy agreements. The letter should also list the key players in the team, the role they will play in implementation of their work at the Highlands Center, and a summary of their qualifications and experience.
  3. A two- to three-page statement expressing why the organization has an interest in becoming a Program Partner at the Highlands Center, including a specific discussion of how its programmatic work is compatible with the mission of the Highlands Center and the key goals of the NPS.
  4. A copy of the organization’s budget and annual report from the most recent fiscal year. If a new joint venture or entity is created specifically to respond to this RFI, include the organizational budget and report from the participating organizations.
  5. An estimate of the amount of square feet needed for occupancy, the type of space (e.g. office, studio, laboratory, conference, residential, etc.) needed, and the proposed use for such space. Also include a list of the building(s) desired for lease and why they have been selected. Address green building rehabilitation, operations, and the provision of programs, as applicable.
  6. Financial information demonstrating the viability of the proposed use. This should list the sources and uses of funds and indicate: how the organization intends to fund required building rehabilitation and tenant finishes; how annual operating costs for maintenance, insurance, utilities, and other charges will be met; and how rent payments to NPS will be funded. Specifically, the organization should submit: a.
    • A development budget and the sources and uses its of funds.
    • A realistic timeline for any required fundraising and the implementation of building rehabilitation and programmatic work presented in the proposal. Indicate the organization’s proposed schedule for occupancy and any factors influencing the timing of occupancy (e.g. accommodating a challenge grant that must be expended by a certain date, etc.).
    • A pro forma budget specifying funding for annual operations for site occupancy.
  7. Evidence of financial capability. This should include a description of the financing plan under which applicants will accomplish the proposed program and building reuse plans. Also, describe how the organization will raise funds and the organization’s experience with fundraising. (Proposals for the Highlands Center must be financially feasible without anticipation of construction, operational, or programmatic subsidies by the NPS.)

NPS may request additional information prior to making final decisions on Program Partner lease proposals.

Last updated: October 3, 2017

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