Peaked Hill Trust Residency Program

About the Program

Peaked Hill Trust’s Residency Program consists of nine, 1 to 2 week stays in the dunes. In addition to basic art forms, it is designed to encourage a broad sweep of creative projects in the arts and sciences. Examples of general category areas are listed below. Please submit paragraphs detailing your project, how working in the dunes will enhance your project and its value to PHT’s program. All awardees will display their work in a group show in September, 2018. It is therefore very important that you clearly explain how your work will be presented/displayed. If possible, please include examples of your work and a resume with the application.

General Categories For Arts and Sciences

Architecture; Healing arts; Environmental (engineering); Environmental (naturalist, nature writing); Junior naturalist; Acting/plays; Dance; Music; Journalism; Science (marine, terrestrial); Cultural/historic (history, literature, fiction, poetry, fine arts).

The Shacks

• Small (one of them has only a single bed); Not directly on the water; No plumbing (although there is
a rather nice outhouse); Dry sink, gas fridge and hot plate.
• No insulation (hot or cold as outside may be); Water pump at some distance from shack
• No housekeeping services; Free assortment of mosquitoes, mice, snakes, voles, ticks
• You are on your own; Rains in on occasion; NO DOGS OR CATS ALLOWED (very sorry)

Shack Life

In your plans and preparations, remember that you will be hauling all your own belongings, plus food, in and out of the shack, on your own. If the PHT truck is functional you will get a ride out to the shack, but the primary job of the caretaker who will drive you is as a caretaker for the shack, and to introduce you to what you need to know to live lightly in the dunes.

You will get much more detailed information prior to going out to the shack, including what to bring, and what not to bring (the shacks are rather well equipped with kitchen things, blankets, and the like). By accepting an offered week, you are agreeing to be responsible for the shack for that period of time. That means that when you, leave, the shack needs to be left in as good or better shape than when you got there.

Date Options

One Week Residencies at Zara's:
Date Fee
05/20/2017 to 05/27/2017 $200.00
10/14/2017 to 10/21/2017 $200.00

Two Week Residencies at Ray Wells:
Date Fee
06/03/2017 to 06/17/2017 $650.00
07/01/2017 to 07/15/2017 $750.00
07/29/2017 to 08/12/2017 $750.00
08/26/2017 to 09/9/2017 $750.00

How To Apply

All applications should be sent to before March 17, 2017.

Please include the following information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • E-Mail
  • Program of Interest
  • Project Summary
  • Describe How Working in the Dunes Will Enhance Your Work
  • Describe How Your Work Will be Presented/Displayed
  • List Your First Three Date/Location Choices
  • Please include examples of your work and a resume with the application

Last updated: February 21, 2017

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