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A student uses a net to find macroinvertebrates at Salt Pond.
Students explore Salt Pond marsh habitat.

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Bring your class to the Seashore!

Find unique opportunities for your students to experience Cape Cod National Seashore’s natural history. Below is information on Ranger-Led field trips or Self-Guided field trips. All programs are free!

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Ranger-Guided Field Trips

Please see program descriptions below. If you are interested in a Ranger visiting your classroom before your field trip, check out our In-Classroom Programs. Field Trips offered September-November 2022.

To request a program, please see the following Request Form: Cape Cod National Seashore Education Program Request

  • Habitat Wonders (1st-3rd) - Join a Ranger on an adventure walk along coastal habitats. Students will explore the elements of a healthy habitat that allow local plants and animals to thrive. Program location: Salt Pond Visitor Center, Eastham (1st-2nd) White Cedar Swamp, Wellfleet (3rd) Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: 1-LS1-1; 2-LS2-3; 2-LS4-1; 3-LS4-3;3-LS4-4
  • Pollination Investigation (2nd) - Students will investigate wildflowers in coastal habitats and their relationship with pollinators while collecting data in their nature journals. Program location: Fort Hill, Eastham Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: 2-LS2-3
  • Beaches In Motion (4th) - Becoming sedimentary sleuths, students will discover how landforms and rocks weather and erode over time. Program location: Doane Rock/Coast Guard Beach, Eastham, Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: 4-ESS2-1

  • Coastal Ecosystems (6th-8th) - Walking along salt marsh and coastal trails students will discover the invaluable role salt marshes play in our ecosystems. Program Location: Salt Pond Visitor Center, Eastham, Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: 7.MS-LS2-2;7.MS-LS2-4; 8.MS-LS1-5

Self-Guided Field Trips

Cape Cod National Seashore offers many features and services that enable classes to have fulfilling, self-guided field trips. Salt Pond Visitor Center in Eastham and Province Lands Visitor Center in Provincetown (open May through October) provide scenic views of park resources, exhibits, bookstores and orientation films. For more information please visit: Guidelines for Groups Visiting Salt Pond Visitor Center

Cape Cod National Seashore’s Self-Guided Field Trip Guidelines

  • All groups must stay on marked trails. Erosion and damage to sensitive resources results from groups going off established trails.

  • Park restrooms and facilities are seasonal. Prior to your visit, call Salt Pond Visitor Center at 508-255-3421 for restroom availability.

  • The park does not have indoor picnic or classroom facilities. Groups should plan appropriately for the weather and have an alternative plan in case the weather is poor.

  • No collecting or digging of any kind is permitted unless a research permit is issued through the park’s natural resource division.

Other Cape Cod organizations that offer educational field trips and resources include:

Wellfleet Bay Audubon Sanctuary
Center for Coastal Studies
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Last updated: February 28, 2023

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