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Marion Littlefield Hoodoo 2016
Gracing the front page of the Hoodoo Newspaper. A new day brightens the Bryce Canyon amphitheater.

Photographed by Marion Littlefield.


THE HOODOO - The Official Planner of Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon publishes a Park Newspaper that has a lot of valuable information available to visitors about the park and the surrounding area. Click on a link below for our latest edition(s).

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Cover of 2017 park newspaper
2017 Bryce Canyon Newspaper

This publication has been made possible thanks to the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association.

2017 Hoodoo Newspaper

2017 Hoodoo Newspaper, Official Map and Hiking Guide for print. (9 Mb)


International Editions

The Hoodoo - Chinese
布萊斯峽谷 (Bryce Canyon) 地圖與健行指南
中文(繁体) / Chinese (traditional)

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Summer Hoodoo Newspaper 2015.

Created by the BCNP  Interpretation Department and the Natural History Association.

2015 Summer Official Map, & Hiking Guide for print (8.0 Mb)

2015 Summer Official Map & Hiking Guide for IPAD pdf (7.2 Mb)

2014-15 Winter Hoodoo

Previous Editions of The Hoodoo

2014-15 Fall-Winter-Spring Map & Hiking Guide

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