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The Stories of the Blackstone Valley

The Blackstone River Valley has long been home to innovators, reformers, immigrants, and laborers. To learn more about the stories that the Valley still tells us today, click on the headings below. These are stories of trials and tribulations, of great joy and success, and of tragedy.


Stories of the Blackstone Valley

  • Photo of the Blackstone River with Ashton Mill on left and surrounded by trees
    Geography of the Blackstone Valley

    Learn more about how the geography of the Blackstone River Valley affected the Industrial Revolution

  • Dam at Slatersville with water flowing over it
    Environmental Impact

    Learn more about how the Industrial Revolution affected the environment of the Blackstone Valley

  • Photograph of workers at Slatersville

    Learn more about the people who came to the Blackstone River Valley.

  • Map of Whitinsville
    Mill Life

    Learn more about living and working in a Blackstone Valley Mill Village.

  • Photo of Draper Corporation workers listening to speaker in back of car. 1913 Strike
    Labor History

    Learn more about the history of organized labor in the Blackstone Valley.

  • Stone arched bridge in Hopedale Parklands
    Reform Movements

    Learn more about reform movements like abolitionism, temperance, and women's rights.

  • Segment of Blackstone Canal surrounded by trees.
    Transporation Revolution

    Learn more about the transportation revolution in the Blackstone Valley.

  • Wood cut of women operating power looms in mill
    1824 Strike

    Learn more about the 1824 Strike in Pawtucket. This Strike is credited as the first wage earners strike in US history

  • Bale of cotton at Slater Mill
    The Cotton Economy

    Learn more about the Blackstone Valley's role in the cotton economy.

Last updated: March 2, 2023

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