The scattering of human ashes from cremation, without a permit, is allowed under the following terms and conditions

  • Total group size conducting the memorialization / scattering of ashes is limited to 25 people or less.
  • The remains to be scattered must have been cremated and pulverized.
  • The scattering of remains by persons on the ground is to be performed at least 100 feet from any trail, road, developed facility, or body of water.
  • The scattering of remains is prohibited at Craggy Gardens and Devils Courthouse.
    The scattering of remains at Craggy Gardens and Devils Courthouse has led to a buildup of these materials in cracks of the cliff faces.This changes the pH and character of the soils that are collecting in the crevices, resulting in a different substrate than naturally occurs there. This could have adverse impacts to federally listed plants that grow on the cliff face and could alter use of the cliff face by peregrine falcon and others species of wildlife.
Permits are required for ceremonies or assemblies that might conflict with normal park operations or result in impact to park resources.

Last updated: July 27, 2016

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