Clean Cities National Parks Initiative and Grant

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The U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Program partners with the National Park Service through the Clean Cities National Parks Initiative to support transportation projects that educate park visitors on the benefits of reducing dependence on petroleum, cutting greenhouse gases, and easing traffic congestion. This initiative complements the NPS Climate Friendly Parks program by demonstrating the environmental benefits of reducing petroleum use.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is partnering with the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition to acquire four hybrids and four propane pickup trucks to replace less efficient vehicles dating back to model year 1989. The vehicles are helping raise awareness of sustainability among the park's visitors.


Stewardship Through Fleet Greening

The Clean Cities National Park Initiative complements the NPS Climate Friendly Parks Program. The Program provides parks with the tools and resources to address climate change with in park boundaries as well as surrounding communities.

The Blue Ridge Parkway greatly appreciates the opportunity to partner with the Department of Energy, Virginia Clean Cities Coalition, and North Carolina Land of Sky Clean Vehicle Coalition in taking this big step in greening their fleet while promoting stewardship to our visitors and surrounding communities.

The Parkway has been given a $241,861.00 grant. This grant will cover the purchase of four hybrid electric vehicles (HE) and four propane bi-fuel alternative fuel vehicles (FIVE) opened fueled pickup trucks. These new vehicles will replace eight petroleum vehicles currently in service on the Parkway. The Parkway will also work with both Clean Cities Coalitions to promote public awareness of the park’s efforts to green their fleet. Purchase of these vehicles will help meet the park’s petroleum reduction goal of 30% by 2020.

The following is a quick summary of Parkway vehicle information:

  • Parkway vehicles and equipment often travel 50 or more miles a day, and must be able to effectively respond to demands imposed by mountainous climate and terrain
  • Parkway currently maintains a fleet of over 300 vehicles and heavy equipment items
  • Over 80% of the fleet meets or exceeds the PS minimum replacement standards
  • Parkway currently has 51 vehicles that support E85 fuel use and one HE
  • The four new These will be utilized by The Interpretation and Education Division and will replace:
    • 1991 Pickup truck - saving 367 gallons of fuel annually
    • 1998 Sports utility vehicle - saving 367 gallons of fuel annually
    • 1995 Midsize sedan - saving 406 gallons of fuel annually
    • 1986 Pickup truck - saving 1700 gallons of fuel annually
    • For a total annual savings of 2840 gallons of fuel
  • The four propane Bi-Fuel FIVE (to be purchased in May of 2014) will be utilized by The Maintenance and Engineering Division and replace:
    • 1995 Pickup truck - saving 152 gallons of fuel annually
    • 1989 Pickup truck - saving 346 gallons of fuel annually
    • 1985 Pickup truck - saving 152 gallons of fuel annually
    • 1996 Pickup truck - saving 234 gallons of fuel annuallyFor a total annual savings of 884 gallons of fuel annually
    • This will result in an estimated annual fuel savings of 3724 gallons

Last updated: May 16, 2016

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