The Climate of the Big Thicket

river surrounded by dense forest
The wet climate supplies the waterways of the Big Thicket.

NPS Photo

With an average precipitation of 55 inches a year, the Big Thicket is known for being humid much of the year. Summer temperatures are often in the 90s, and equally high humidity levels can lead to high heat index measures.

Moderate temperatures in the mid 50s to 60s are the norm for the winter. Freezing temperatures are rare, and snow is even rarer.

Hurricanes Rita (2005), Ike (2008), and Harvey (2017) have all impacted this area. Species here must be able to withstand or rebound from the high winds, heavy rainfall, saturated soils, and flooding that accompany these storms. However, the long lifespans of some native tree species—up to 300 years for
longleaf pines, and over 1,000 years for bald cypress trees—attest that some plants can survive and even thrive, despite the occasional hurricane.

Check the weather forecast for the Big Thicket on our Current Conditions page.

Last updated: May 29, 2020

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