close up view of pitcher plant flowers with ants on the petals
Flowers of the pale pitcher plant (Sarracenia alata)

NPS Photo / Jane Carlson

A Thicket of Plant Life

Favorable climate and soils enable plants to grow abundantly in the Big Thicket, often creating an impenetrable "thicket" that illustrates how this this area earned its name.

To date, researchers have tallied 89 species of trees, 77 species of shrubs, 817 species of herbs and vines, 346 species of grasses and grass relatives, and 30 species of ferns that grow throughout the Big Thicket.

"Grow" your knowledge of Big Thicket plant life by browsing the topics below!

  • closeup view of a carnivorous pitcher plant

    Carnivorous Plants

    The Big Thicket is home to 4 of the 5 types of carnivorous plants found in North America.

  • closeup of the needles of a longleaf pine sapling

    Longleaf Pine

    Once abundant across the southeastern US, these distinctive trees now occupy only about 3% of their former range.

  • palmettos growing in the woods

    Plant Communities

    Learn more about the diverse plant communities found here.

  • closeup of pink flowers

    Sensitive Species

    The preserve is home to Texas trailing phlox, an endangered wildflower that grows nowhere else.

  • yellow flower on prickly pear cactus

    Park Species Lists

    All of Big Thicket's animal and plant species are listed here.

Last updated: July 13, 2020

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