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The Big Thicket National Preserve headquarters and visitor center are located in southeast Texas, eight miles north of the city of Kountze and approximately 30 miles north of Beaumont. The Preserve staff manage public land and waters in seven of the nine counties of this region of the State. Its five divisions focus on specific elements of preserve management to protect the resources and provide for visitor enjoyment. Combined, all employees are working to pledge that:

  • Resources are protected

  • Facilities are in good operating condition

  • Users and visitors gain some level of appreciation and understanding

  • Users and visitors are generally safe while in the Preserve

Administration Division oversees all internal personnel matters, purchasing, and contracting, and manages the Preserve budget, correspondence, and Information Technology.

Maintenance Division oversees all facility construction and repair work, administers service contracts, designs and constructs new facilities, provides for consumable water testing, and responds to emergency repairs as needed.

Resources Management Division oversees all issues regarding natural and cultural resources, conducts research or administers contracts to conduct research, oversees the Oil and Gas management program, works with cooperators and researchers, and manages the Preserve Fire Program.

Resources and Visitor Protection Division oversees all levels of visitor protection and Law Enforcement, conducts Search and Rescue operations, assists Resources Management with resource protection, and oversees the Preserve-wide Safety Program.

Interpretation and Education Division oversees all visitor use operations including the visitor center operation, manages the Educational Program, provides naturalist walks and field trips, participates in community events and festivals, produces all in-house publications, and maintains news media contacts.

Preserve Significance - The Preserve contains remnants of a diverse ecological system and provides habitat for several threatened and endangered species. The Preserve provides protected lands and waters for public recreation and for research on the rich biodiversity of the area. The Preserve is located close to an urban/industrial area and facilitates educational programming to a broad audience regarding the interaction of humans with their environment.

Last updated: February 25, 2015

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