Filming & Photography Permits

Filming/Photography Permits are issued for photography, filming, and associated sound recording to ensure protection of resources, to prevent significant disruption of normal visitor uses. Permits are required for access to areas normally closed to the visiting public.


Generally, permits are not required for:

  1. Visitors using cameras and/or recording devices for their own personal use.
  2. Still photography when it doesn't involve props, models, professional crews or set dressings.
  3. Sound technicians, and film or video news crews at breaking news events. In these cases, the superintendent will still be required to protect national preserve resources and the rights and safety of visitors. News media wishing access for entertainment or scheduled purposes may require a permit.
  4. National Park Service filming or photography, Department of the Interior Audiovisual Center filming or filming/photography done pursuant to a cooperative agreement or contract.

A request for a filming or photography permit may be denied if:

  1. the proposed filming or photography would conflict with the visitors' normal use of the Preserve.
  2. the permittee fails to obtain insurance/bonding, or does not agree to pay assessed cost recovery.
  3. in the opinion of the superintendent, or designee, the filming activity requested represents a potential for harm or impact on the Preserve's natural, cultural, or recreational resources, may create health or safety risks, or disrupt visitor use and enjoyment.
  4. it is determined that supervisory requirements for the proposed project will place unreasonable burdens on Preserve staff, regardless of the applicant's willingness to pay supervisory costs.
  5. the request includes entry into areas closed to the general visiting public, or which would allow activities not permitted to the average visitor.

Filming Permit Application
To apply for a filming permit, download an application and information sheet. Follow instructions in the information sheet to submit the application and application fee. A completed application must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $100.


All costs of evaluating the request will be billed to the applicant, whether a permit is issued or not. In compliance with the requirements of the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, the applicant must submit their social security number or Federal tax ID number when filling out the application for permit. Applications will not be processed if submitted incomplete or are received without payment.

Last updated: September 14, 2020

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