A group of cyclists riding on a trail with pines and palms on either side.
Visitors enjoying a ranger program on bikes.

Bicycling is a great way to explore Big Cypress National Preserve and get some exercise. Help us make it a pleasant and safe experience.

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Where Can I Ride?

Bicycling within the national preserve is allowed on the following roads and trails:

  1. Fire Prairie Trail
  2. Bear Island Grade including within the addition lands
  3. Established roads
  4. Designated off-road vehicle trails
  5. Nobles Grade (Nobles Grade is the raised road north of Mile Marker 63)
Other Considerations
There are no repair stations within the preserve, so please plan to fix your own flats and other common problems. Be sure to practice "Leave No Trace" by taking your old tire tubes and any other trash with you.

Big Cypress is remote, and there are few places to refill your water. Our visitor centers are open daily. Make sure you carry sufficient water, as dehydration can happen quickly.

Obey all area closures and treat wildlife the same as if you were on foot -- you cannot run faster than a bear, and you cannot cycle faster than a bear can run.

Plan for many types of weather at any time in the park. Sun, heat, humidity, rain, lightning, and high wind are all possible in the summer.

Last updated: February 16, 2021

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