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Cypress Trees and Knees
Cypress Trees and Knees

Clyde Butcher

Artists have had a long-standing impact on the formation, expansion and direction of our national parks. Painting the landscapes of the American West, visual artists like Thomas Moran, George Catlin and Albert Bierstadt focused attention on natural wonders in the western landscape, then unfamiliar to the eastern populace.

These visual records of early artists helped to stimulate the establishment of many of our national parks.

Today, artists continue to document national park landscapes with contemporary approaches and techniques. Writers, sculptors, musicians, composers, and other performing artists also draw upon the multifaceted quality of parks for inspiration.

These artists translate the national preserve's purpose, as a place of pleasure and conservation, into images, which bring others enjoyment and a deeper understanding of the parks many Americans may never visit.


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In the Absence of Color entrance sign
In the Absence of Color: Celebrating 50 years of Big Cypress National Preserve

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Currently on Display

Oasis Visitor Center
On display in the Oasis Visitor Center Auditorium is a black and white art exhibit titled, "In the Absence of Color".

If there is one thing that can be said about Big Cypress National Preserve, it is that the preserve is rich in contrast. This presents artists with a unique task - they must capture the majesty of the place without losing sight of the little details that mean so much. These opposites are thrown into sharp relief in the absence of color.

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Big Cypress National Preserve, we invite you to explore different ways black and white media capture the essence of the preserve. Limited to only the basic elements of light, line, value, and form, the artists included here present unique perspectives on an iconic landscape.

Nathaniel P. Reed Visitor Center
In partnership with Collier County Museums and the Gladesmen Heritage Foundation, the Nathaniel P. Reed Visitor Center is host to two historical exhibits. One highlighting Gladesmen Culture, with the other looking at Deep Lake and the families that farmed that area. These exhibits line the walls in the Nathaniel P. Reed Auditorium and provide visitors the opportunity to take a step back into a time before Big Cypress National Preserve was officially designated.

Last updated: November 8, 2023

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