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Bandelier visitor center - 1930's
The visitor center was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) in the 1930's.

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Hello Commercial Tour Operators,
Note - There are changes to the 2019 and the 2020 permitting process.
Here is the information required to apply for a 2019 Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) permit which allows the operation of commercial tours (whether they are road based tours/transportation only services or guided tour services) in Bandelier National Monument.
Application fees and entrance fees are charged differently for the two types of commercial permits that Bandelier issues on a regular basis. Please indicate which type of permit you are applying for and choose one of the following in #1 on your application:
a) Road based tours/transportation only permit
b) Guided tour services permit - front country walks or hikes
*Requests for other types of commercial permits, will be handled separately and may require additional documentation or fees.

a) Road based tours/transportation only permits are for those operators that are dropping clients off and not providing any guided services in Bandelier.
b) Guided tour services permits are for those operators that are taking clients on a guided walk or hike, in Bandelier.

Application fees for commercial operators in 2019 at Bandelier are the same as in 2018 and are as follows:
a)Road based tours/transportation only commercial permits – no application fee
b)Guided tour services commercial permits - $50.00 per application
Entrance fees for 2019 road based tours/transportation only commercial permits are the same as last year, effective through September 30, 2019 only and are based on the capacity of the vehicle, charged as follows:
· Sedan (1-5 passengers) $25 plus $15 per client
· Van (1-15 passengers) $50
· Mini-bus (16-25 passengers) $60
· Motor coach (26+ passengers) $150

America the Beautiful (ATB) passes are not accepted for road based tours/transportation only entrance fees. Group size limit for all types of commercial tours is 65 people.

Entrance fees for 2019 guided tour services commercial permits are the same as last year - $15.00 per client. America the Beautiful (ATB) and the Bandelier park pass may be used towards this entrance fee. Attachment 5 - Commercial Groups Payment Entry Form must be filled out and presented to fee collection ranger before the guided service begins. If one of your clients wishes to purchase an ATB or Bandelier pass, it must be done prior to the guided service you are offering. Refunds of entrance fees will not be allowed.

There are four changes coming soon; two effective in 2019, two effective in 2020! These changes are below, highlighted in yellow, along with the effective dates.
Change #1: Effective January 1, 2019, all guides whether offering guided tour services or serving as a group leader on a road based tour/transportation only tour at Bandelier will have either a valid Bandelier CUA permit or must be an employee of the company that holds the valid Bandelier CUA permit. CUA permit holders are no longer allowed to hire or contract out independent tour guides who do not already have their own Bandelier CUA permit. For the past three years, Bandelier has made an exception and has allowed tour companies to contract independent tour guides from outside their company to give tours or be a group lead on behalf of their company, as long as the independent tour guide was listed on the company’s insurance. This is no longer the case.
Change #2: Effective October 1, 2019, Road based tours/transportation only commercial permit holders will be charged an entrance fee $15.00 per client, America the Beautiful passes may NOT be used
Changes #3 and #4: Application fees for 2020 CUA permits -
a) Road based/transportation only commercial permit application fee = $300.00
b) Guided tour services commercial permit application fee = $100.00
Per the above information, if you would like to apply for a 2019 Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) permit, here's what you'll need to return via email:
Attachment 1, pages 2-3, if you did business at Bandelier in 2018. (This was sent out in November 2018, I am attaching it here as well.)
Attachment 2, pages 1-3 of the application.
Proof of insurance certificates
Attachment 3, pages 1 and 2.
$50.00 Administrative fee for guided tour services permits.
That's it!
Here are the details: (All of these forms are fillable pdf's. Sending them via email works best.)
Attachment 1 – Annual Report for 2018. This report is required every year and is due by February 1, 2019. If you had a commercial permit for Bandelier NM in 2018, this report is required per the conditions agreed to in your 2018 permit. Applications for 2019 permits will be processed only after your annual report for 2018 is received.
Attachment 2 – Application instructions, application and permit conditions. Please read through the instructions before filling out an application. Verify that you and your company can comply with all required conditions. Complete and submit pages 1, 2 and 3. This is your application requesting a permit for commercial use at Bandelier.
Applications are due no later than May 1, 2019. Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing.
Please keep in mind that you’ll need a commercial authorization/permit before visiting the park with your first tour of the year. It is recommended that submit the application at least 3-6 weeks before you’ll actually need your commercial permit to allow for plenty of time for communication with us, the processing of all of the required information and then the actual approval of your request.
Along with your application you must also submit current proof of insurance (liability and auto) which lists the “United States of America" as an additional insured, in the appropriate amount as listed in the instructions and in the application.
Attachment 3 – commercial use permit. This is the actual permit. Please fill out #2 and sign as the holder at #9 and return with your application. If your application is approved, it will be signed by an NPS official and then sent back to you. Your complete and valid permit, must be carried by the tour operator while conducting business in the park, and must include the 3 pages of conditions and be signed by an Authorizing NPS Official. Tour guides, leads, operators and drivers should read and be familiar with all of the conditions of the permit since your company will be held responsible for any failure to abide by these conditions.
Attachment 4 – Notice of non-permitted entry. This form (attached for your information) will be issued to commercial operators who visit the park without an approved commercial use permit and is used to alert the company that a permit is required to conduct business in the park. Tour companies receiving this notice must have a commercial use permit the next time they visit the park or entry to the park may be denied and/or the business fined until a permit is issued.
Attachment 5 - Bandelier entry payment form for guided tour operators using park passes. All commercial operators offering guided tour services that will be using ATB and park passes to offset entrance fees will use this form when remitting the entrance fees prior to offering your guided service. Entrance fees are $15.00/person 16 years of age and older. The tour group leader will pay for the entire group entrance fee based on the number of people in the group, less the number of people covered by passes and children 15 years of age and under. All inter-agency passes and the Bandelier annual pass will be accepted. One pass allows free entrance for the pass holder and three more individuals. The Commercial Groups Payment Entry Form will help tour guides/operators to track and account for the number of passes their clients are using and will help determine the total entrance cost per group. Pass holders must be prepared to present their passes upon request. If you know your clients have passes or qualify for them, in some cases, this total entrance fee may be less than the commercial tour entrance fee you have paid in the past. You are encouraged to check with your clients beforehand to have them bring their passes on your tours. Passes can be obtained at almost any National Park, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management or Forest Service site that charges an entrance or it can be ordered online at Passes can also be obtained by your clients here at Bandelier on the day of your visit, prior to the guided service, provided they have the necessary documentation which is required for some of these passes. If you are not using park passes to offset the cost of the entrance fee, this form is not required.
I will be processing all applications/requests for permits with assistance from the park fee coordinator.
Please send your completed application and all required documents to me.
I am of course available for questions at any time, contact information below.
Thank you!
Joanie Budzileni
Chief of Interpretation & Visitor Services
Bandelier National Monument
15 Entrance Road
Los Alamos, NM 87544
505.672.3861, x. 1501
505.709.8318 cell
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long house
Long House is a series of archeological sites located on the Main Loop Trail.

Photo by Sally King

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