Tsankawi Trail Stop 12

Tsankawi Trail Stop 12
Travel for trade

NPS Photo by Stella Carroll

The people of Tsankawi were not isolated from the rest of the world. You probably arrived here in a motorized vehicle. Ancestral Pueblo people traveled by foot. Trade brought items such as live parrots, copper bells, and seashells from distant places like the coastal US. Turquoise, salt and cotton were traded within New Mexico. There were no wheeled vehicles or beasts of burden to assist in the movement of these items. Imagine the life of a trader walking miles and miles in your woven yucca sandals, entering little-known villages, carrying the currency of your trade upon your back. Stand here and envision walking to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the long mountain range you see about 20 miles to the east (to your right). Traders undoubtedly walked distances much greater than that.

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