Main Pueblo Loop Trail Stop 8

a view of a canyon with the remnants of a large stone structure
The village of Tyuonyi would have stood 2 to 3 stories tall and housed approximately 100 people.

Photo by Sally King

The kiva you see in front of you served the same purpose as Big Kiva that you saw earlier on this walk. It too would have had a hard plastered roof with an entrance in and a ladder in the middle. Tyuonyi, as with many of the archeological sites along the Pueblo Loop Trail, was excavated in the early 1900’s. When the site was uncovered, much of the stone walls you see in front of you were intact. However, most of the mortar that bound the stones together was lost to erosion. That missing mortar was replaced, first with concrete and more recently a permeable mud mortar, to keep the structure intact. A site such as this is considered to be stabilized, not reconstructed, as the stone are where they would have been hundreds of years ago.

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Last updated: May 3, 2022

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