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Defense of Our Nation: Maryland's Role in the War of 1812

The teacher's resource guide serves as a single-source text and reference for conducting classroom history lessons on the War of 1812 and the role Marylanders played in the conflict. Information presented in the guide will help make teaching this important history easy and accessible. The guide includes information on the major players of the war, major battles, direct quotes from eyewitnesses, and links to other resources.

Section 1 (Pages 1-21) includes the causes for war and historical background, War of 1812-related vocabulary, and a timeline of significant events.

Section 2 (Pages 22-38) includes major figures associated with the war, such as Francis Scott Key, Commodore Joshua Barney, and President and Dolly Madison.

Section 3 (Pages 39-47) includes descriptions of major battles and maps illustrating naval and overland troop movements.

Section 4 (Pages 48-59) includes primary source worksheets, primary source examples, and tools for visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic learners.

Section 5 (Pages 60-66) includes online resources, field trip suggestions, a bibliography, and acknowledgements.

The guide was developed by the City of Baltimore's War of 1812 Bicentennial Education Committee with the financial and production support of the American Flag Foundation, the Baltimore National Heritage Area, the National Park Service's Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail, the Friends of Fort McHenry, the Maryland Historical Society, and the Maryland Humanities Council.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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