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a bighorn sheep lamb carefully places its front hoof on a nearby rock while climbing on a sheer wall.
When did this bighorn sheep learn to climb? How old are the rocks it walks on? Explore the portals on this page to learn more.

NPS Photo / Alex Ennes

Badlands National Park contains a number of stories. Whether you're interested in a 75-million year old fossil record, archeological finds dating back 12,000 years, or recent monitoring of the park's mixed-grass prairie, you're sure to find something that interests you. Use the links below to navigate to the park's learning portals, where you can check out articles and read about the many stories of the Badlands.

Learn About the Park

  • a lone bison walks through an open, grassy field with blue cloudy sky above.
    Wildlife Portal

    Learn all about the many animals that live in Badlands National Park!

  • large boulders of rock sit on top of a badlands butte.
    Geology & Paleontology Portal

    Badlands National Park is known for its geology and paleontology. Find out more about these topics here!

  • wispy seed pods dangle off of a central stem of brown grass.
    Prairie Ecology Portal

    The Badlands host an expanse mixed-grass prairie with plenty to explore. Learn about this amazing environment here!

  • a historic black and white photo of a lodge and cabins in front of badlands buttes.
    History & Culture Portal

    Curious about the human history of Badlands National Park? Learn more about the history and culture embedded in the Badlands.

  • fossils of varying sizes in styrofoam cases with numbers and protective tissue paper.
    Research Portal

    Learn more about the research that is conducted in the Badlands on the park's Research Portal.

Last updated: June 28, 2020

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