From Bicycle Shop to the Surface of the Moon

Aviation is chock-full of tradition & history and nowhere will you find a richer collection of aviation than here, the birthplace of aviation.  From the straightforward bicycle shops that fostered the Wright brothers' flying ambitions to the complex spacecraft that carried man to the moon, the National Aviation Heritage Area has everything you need to learn about this country’s aviation legacy. Read More

Happy Birthday to Us!

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Enjoy this birthday video as we celebrate 100 years of serving the American public and protecting our precious resources throughout this majestic land.  Join us and help celebrate our first 100 years and stay with us to help protect and preserve your national parks for the next 100!

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The facade of the Wright brothers bicycle shop on Williams street

National Aviation Heritage Area Sites

Visit one of the multiple aviation area sites in and around Dayton.

The park visitor center building

Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP

Be sure to include Dayton's national park, Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, on your visit of the aviation heritage areas.

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