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Q: What is the National Aviation Heritage Area?
A: The National Aviation Heritage Area is an eight-county region in Dayton, Ohio and western Ohio, the Birthplace of Aviation. The National Aviation Heritage Area preserves and promotes the rich aviation legacy of the region that began with the Wright brothers and continues to the current day with Dayton’s leadership in aerospace development. The National Aviation Heritage Area includes the four National Park Service sites that make up Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

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Q: Where can I find comprehensive information about the National Aviation Heritage Area in once place?

A: The best and most convenient way to find more information on the National Aviation Heritage Area is by visiting the National Aviation Heritage Alliances' website.

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Q:What other National Heritage Areas exist in the United States?

A: You can find a complete list of Heritage Areas which are overseen by the National Park Service by visiting the National Heritage Areas website.

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Q: What other National Park Service sites are there in Ohio?

A: The National Park Service has a total of eight national park sites in Ohio. Click on a site's full name to be taken to their respective page. Each park's "alpha code" is bolded in parenthesis. See map at bottom of page for geographic locations of these Ohio NPS sites. Click on the park's picture on the map to be taken to their website.



Map of Ohio in center with NPS sites surrounding it
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