Hunting Zones

Image of the South End Walk-In/OSV Hunt Map
South End Walk-In/ OSV Hunt Map

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Maryland district

The downloadable hunting maps show the designated hunting zones for Sika and White-tailed deer. Public hunting is prohibited in all of the hatch-marked areas unless otherwise indicated. Legal hunting areas are as follows:

Assateague Island NS Hunt Zone Maps
(pdf file, 1.6 MB)

Interactive ArcGIS Web Hunt Zone Maps
Image of the OSV North hunt Map
North OSV Hunting Map

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1. Southern Hunt Zone: Deer (Archery, Muzzleloader, Shotgun) & Waterfowl

a) Northern Boundary: The northern boundary of the deer hunting zone is the two-track dirt road that runs east to west and is located south of the Life of the Dunes trail. Hunting is permitted south of the two-track dirt road.
b) Southern Boundary: The southern boundary is the Maryland-Virginia State Line. A beach-to-bay fence line delineates the boundary.
c) Eastern Boundary: The white markers on the beach east of the primary dunes define the eastern boundary. These white markers also indicate the western limits of the OSV Zone. Hunters may not hunt east (ocean side) of these markers.

OSV users may not drive west (bayside) of these markers, except at designated crossings and routes. Parking west of these markers is prohibited unless it is in a designated parking area. The hunting zone is primarily accessed by vehicles which have a valid OSV permit.

Hunters without an OSV Permit are required to walk into the Southern Hunt Zone. Hunters must park in the “South Ocean Beach” parking lot and walk a 1/3 mile south along the Life of the Dunes trail until coming to the two-track dirt road where the hunt zone begins. Before entering or exiting the hunting area, hunters must unload their weapons.
Image of the 2019-2020 hunt zone map of the North hunt zone
Northern Hunt Zone Map

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2. Nothern Hunt Zone: Deer (Archery only)

a) Northen Boundary: The northern boundary is the Ocean City Inlet. Archery hunting is
permitted south of the inlet.
b) Southern Boundary: The southern boundary is the dirt road that runs east to west (towards Blind A) from the clam shell road. This is also the jurisdictional boundary between Assateague Island NS and Assateague State Park. Hunter parking is available along this dirt road.
c) Eastern Boundary: The eastern boundary is marked by the wooden kilometer posts that run north to south from the Ocean City Inlet along the dune line to the southern boundary.
Image of the Northern Hunt Zone with Blind A & B
Northern Hunt Zone Map with Blind A & B

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3. Northern Hunt Zone (Walk-in or Boat-In)

The northern 10 kilometers (6 miles) of Assateague Island National Seashore that lies north of Assateague State Park to the Ocean City Inlet is too flat and narrow to permit the use of
firearms. This portion of the island is designated as an archery only Sika and White-tailed deer hunting area. These northern 10 kilometers are open to hunters to walk-in from the southern boundary or boat-in from the mainland.

Walk-in hunters must sign-in and sign-out and report the number and species of deer
taken in person at the ranger station.

Walk-in hunters are prohibited from driving in to retrieve game.

Boat-in hunters must call the Ranger Station at (443)669-7039, to sign-in and sign-out and report the number and species of deer taken. When signing-in/out each hunters name and State DNR ID number must be provided. A voicemail message is acceptable with the required information.


Public Lands

Please remember that other recreational activities may be occurring in the same area and at the same time as hunting (e.g., backcountry camping, kayaking, bird watching, etc.). Hunters must remain situationally aware while hunting on Assateague Island National Seashore, and always remember there may be multiple uses occurring at the same time in the hunting zones.
Image of the OSV South Hunt Map
South OSV Hunt Zone Map

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Contact Information:

For any questions on the pre-mentioned hunting season regulations please contact
U.S. Park Ranger Bill Ramsey (Hunting Program Coordinator at Assateague Island N.S.)
Office: 410-629-6076

Last updated: September 9, 2021

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