Deer Season and Bag Limits

2019-2020 Assateague Island Hunt Plan (pdf file, 410 KB)



  • Season takes are independent.
  • Each season is separate…takes during one open season do not count towards another season.
  • Deer taken on Assateague Island will not count toward State bag limits.
  • Deer outfitted with radio neck collars and/or ear tags can be harvested.

    NOTE: One (1) of the first two (2) Sika deer harvested under the bag limit for each independent season must be antlerless.
ARCHERY and portions of DUCK seasons will be CLOSED in the Southern Hunt Zone during the LATE Season Deer hunt:
Season Dates Total Bag Limit Notes
Archery Northern and Southern Zone:
Oct. 1 – Jan. 31
2 antlered, 4 antlerless

1 antlered, 1 antlerless
Season CLOSED to archery hunters
January 18 in Southern Zone
(Inline, Flintlock,
Percussion cap
& Matchlock)
Southern Zone:
Oct. 19 - Oct. 26
2 antlered, 4 antlerless
1 antlered, 1 antlerless

Late Season
and Muzzleloader
Southern Zone:
Nov. 23 – Dec. 7

Southern Zone:
January 18
2 antlered, 4 antlerless
1 antlered, 1 antlerless
2 antlered, 4 antlerless
1 antlered, 1 antlerless
Muzzleloaders can be
used during the
shotgun season. Bag
limits are for the
shotgun even if taken
by muzzleloader.
Junior Hunt Day Northern and Southern

Nov. 9
(Different than State of MD)
2 antlered
4 antlerless

1 antlered
1 antlerless
Separate Bag Limit:
Deer taken by junior
hunters during Junior
Hunt Day do not count
towards the regular
Archery, Muzzleloader,
or Shotgun season bag
Zones: Northern zone
open to archery only


1. Legal Shooting Hours: One half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.

2. Antler Definitions:
a) An antlered white-tailed deer is defined as a deer with two or more points to one antler, or
a deer with one antler three or more inches long, measuring from the top of the skull as the
deer is in life.
b) An antler point is defined as any antler projection one inch or more in length and includes
the brow tine. The tip of the main beam is also considered a point.
c) An antlerless white-tailed deer is a female deer or a male deer with no antlers or spike
antlers less than three inches in length, measuring from the top of the skull as the deer is in
d) An antlered sika deer is a deer with at least one antler visible above the hairline

3. Deer Tagging and Checking:
a) Deer harvested must be field tagged immediately unless the registration process is completed
at the place of kill and a confirmation number is received. If a confirmation number is obtained
at the place of kill, the deer can be moved/transported untagged.
b) Deer harvested must be recorded at the Hunter Station during the hunter sign-out process.
c) Hunters must also register their deer with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources
within 24 hours using the COMPASS Portal at, DNR official
mobile app (AccessDNR) or by calling 1-888-800-0121.
d) The hunt code for Assateague Island National Seashore is 585 and the County Code number for Worcester is 23.

4. Prohibited Activities:
a) Use of Air guns
b) Sunday hunting.
c) Driving deer. Two or more hunters driving deer through an area towards standers positioned for a shot.
d) Dogs cannot be used to hunt deer.
e) Hunting with a rifle.
f) Hunting with a shotgun rifle combination.
g) Baiting deer.
h) Use or possession of buckshot.

FLUORESCENT CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS for deer (shotgun/muzzleloader)

1. Archery hunters in the Southern Hunt Zone will be required to wear fluorescent clothing during the shotgun/muzzleloader seasons.

2. When hunting, both hunters and companions must wear either:
a) A cap of solid daylight fluorescent orange or pink color worn as an outer garment on the
head at all times;
b) A vest or jacket containing back and front panels of at least 250 square inches each of solid
daylight fluorescent orange or pink color worn as an outer garment at all times; or
c) An outer garment of camouflage daylight fluorescent orange or pink worn above the
waist which contains at least 50% daylight fluorescent color.

NOTE: Persons hunting from a ground blind that has four sides, a top, and is placed 4 feet or less above the ground must display - on or within 25 feet of the blind - a cap of solid daylight fluorescent orange or pink color, or a panel band, strip, or garment containing at least 250 square inches (approx. 16 inches x 16 inches) of solid daylight fluorescent orange or pink color.

3. Hunter Limits: During the Shotgun/Muzzleloader season (Including the LATE SEASON Deer Hunt) the National Park Service limits to 140 the number of deer hunters and/or aides permitted in the hunting zone at any one time. After this limit is reached, hunters will be admitted to the hunting area on a “one-off, one-on” basis.

4. Junior Deer Hunt: This hunt takes place on Nov. 9, a different date than the State of Maryland. The Junior Deer Hunt is for hunters age 16 or younger only. To hunt this day a Junior hunter must have a hunting license or be exempt from the license requirement and be accompanied by a licensed (or exempt from license requirement) unarmed adult, age 21 or older.

5. Specific Regulations for the LATE SEASON Deer Hunt:
a) Shotgun and muzzleloader are the only weapons approved during this hunt.
b) Access to the hunt zone will be on a first-come, first served basis.
c) Hunters must sign in at the ranger station, no earlier than 5:00 a.m. the morning of the hunt.
d) Hunters will be unable to access the hunt zones prior to 5:00 a.m.
e) Once the 140 limit is reached, additional hunters will be allowed to stay on “stand-by”
status and will be signed in accordingly.
f) Access to the hunt zone will be on a “one-off, one-on” basis.
g) Hunters must be physically present while waiting on “stand-by”.

Contact Information

For any questions on the pre-mentioned hunting season regulations please contact
U.S. Park Ranger Bill Ramsey (Hunting Program Coordinator at Assateague Island N.S.)
Office: 410-629-6048

Last updated: October 2, 2019

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