Wildlife at White Haven Activity

Julia Grant grew up on a rural farm full of plants and animals to discover, and huge forests to explore. Many of the plant and animal species that Julia saw are still seen on the park grounds today.

Intructions: Visit the Wildlife at White Haven article on our website to read about some of the wildlife you can encounter while visiting White Haven. Then, answer the questions below.
Photo of a male red tailed hawk perched on a tree branch

NPS Photo / D. Newmann

1. Draw a picture and label an animal which you can find at White Haven.

2. Draw a picture and label a different animal in which you can find near your own home. (If not in your backyard, then maybe your schoolyard or local park)

3. Julia liked to go outside and play, she would observe and catch wildlife, play in the creek and catch minnows and bird watch. Do you like to play outside? What sort of activities do you and your family do outside? What are some of the health benefits to being outside?

4. What sort of outdoor activities did Julia and Ulysses do when he came over to White Haven to visit Julia?

5. How did Julia use some of the wildlife in White Haven to comfort Ulysses and remind him of her when he was away fighting in the Mexican War?

6. Do you think it is important for National Park sites to preserve and protect wildlife? Why or Why not?

7. It has been over 175 years since Ulysses S. Grant first met Julia at White Haven. How do you think the landscape has changed since that time? What do you think some of the challenges that wildlife (plants, trees and animals) face in today's modern times?

Close-up photo of a three-toed box turtle

NPS Photo / A. Telander

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Last updated: April 15, 2020