Series: Park Paleontology News - Vol. 09, No. 1, Spring 2017

All across the park system, scientists, rangers, and interpreters are engaged in the important work of studying, protecting, and sharing our rich fossil heritage. Park Paleontology News provides a close up look at the important work of caring for these irreplaceable resources.

  • Big Bend National Park

    Article 1: Fossil Discovery Exhibit at Big Bend National Park

    painting of four giant pterosaurs

    In January 2017, a new fossil exhibit was dedicated at Big Bend National Park. The exhibit was the 20 year dream of park geologist Don Corrick. Through careful planning and strategic partnering, a design was put forth and funded. Park visitors who tour the new exhibit will be provided a wonderful fossil-focused experience and learn about the important fossil record preserved at Big Bend National Park. Read more

  • Article 2: Type specimens and fossil species named from the National Parks

    dinosaur skeleton

    Several years of research have shown that more than 4,900 fossil taxa are based on fossils found within, potentially within, or historically associated with 75 National Park Service units, two affiliated units, and one abolished monument. These fossils are important for research and resource management, and represent everything from Precambrian stromatolites to Jurassic dinosaurs. Read more

  • Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

    Article 3: Paleontology Intern Profile - Emily Thorpe

    Emily Thorpe

    This article highlights paleontology intern Emily Thorpe who served as the first ever paleontology intern at Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, New Mexico. Emily’s work resulted in the discovery of Permain age plant and vertebrate footprints, as well as a partial skeleton of an early reptile which is new to science. Read more

  • John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

    Article 4: New Paleontologist joins staff at John Day Fossil Beds

    Nick Famoso posing with a Flat Stanley

    After an extensive search, Nick Famoso was selected as the new Chief Paleontologist at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Nick recently completed his PhD at the University of Oregon and is excited to begin his new career with the National Park Service. Read more

  • Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River

    Article 5: Dinosaur Tracks Found along Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River

    dinosaur track

    The first dinosaur footprints have been recently discovered along the banks of the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River in Texas. The tracks are preserved in Cretaceous age rocks and represent footprints left by a bipedal theropod dinosaur. Read more

  • Article 6: The History and Future for Park Paleontology Newsletter

    Cover page for the premier issue of Park Paleontology Newsletter in January 1991

    Park Paleontology Newsletter was established in 1991 and published intermittently between January 1991 and October 2004. The newsletter was produced as a source for communicating news and information pertaining to the management, protection, interpretation, curation, research and other issues related to NPS and federal fossils. This Spring 2017 issue of Park Paleontology News represents the return of the newsletter after a 13 year hiatus and will be published twice a year. Read more