Series: Cave Week—Featured Articles

More than 20 parks across the US are participating in Cave Week via social media posts, cave tours, exhibits, school events, web pages and much more. The theme for Cave Week 2020 is, “Why do we go into caves?” This articles shares a few stories about why people (and bats) enter caves.

  • Article 1: Bats in Caves

    a group of bats hanging on a cave ceiling

    Bats and caves go together in people's minds. National Parks are home to many important bat caves. But, bats are particular. Many caves only contain a few bats. Some bats like certain caves for raising their young and other caves for winter hibernation. Other bats avoid caves entirely and sleep and raise their young in protected locations in trees and rocks outside. Read more

  • Article 2: Cave Exploration in the National Parks

    delicate thin mineral formations in a cave

    Most Americans may not realize that their National Park caves lie at the forefront of on-going cave exploration. Some of the longest caves on Earth are managed and protected by the NPS. And all of these caves contain unexplored passages and rooms that cavers seek to find and document. These giant cave systems are the site of on-going work by cavers to explore, map, photograph and inventory the extent of National Park caves. Read more

  • Article 3: The International Year of Caves and Karst in 2021 and 2022

    karst towers in china

    The International Year of Caves and Karst is coming in 2021 and our National Parks will be participating with events and activities for all to enjoy. Read more